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49ers Starting QB

Posted by zewkey on August 21, 2008

Tonight’s Bears v 49ers game will most likely determine who starts at QB for the Niners.  With fantasy drafts approaching is this a must see game?  Surely, there are better options available than whoever wins the job, so who really cares?

Mike Martz now controls the San Fran offense and he has delivered plenty of great fantasy season in the past.  So you should take a look at the least.  Here’s why.  San Fransisco is terrible, and to make matters worse they seem to have given up on their “franchise” QB Alex Smith.  Shaun Hill and JT O’Sullivan are not the answer, it says a lot that either one is considered a viable option over Smith.   I can’t see anything positive coming out of it… except, possibly, some value at QB in the late rounds.

San Fran is going to be behind a lot this year, Martz offense is particularly good at finding open receivers underneath the pass coverage.  With opponents protecting leads and the Niners passing to catch up, there will be plenty of short passes available to whoever is throwing the ball.    If your league is heavy in passing yards the SF QB should be a pretty good option.  Certainly in the top half of the league.  Im not saying JT O’Sullivan is going to win your league for you, just that I wouldn’t be afraid to have the SF QB on my roster as my main backup.


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