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NFL – New England Patriots Betting Trends

Posted by zewkey on September 14, 2007

The favorites to win the Super Bowl on the BetUS future wagering line are the New England Patriots. The NFL odds on them to win the Super Bowl right now are + 250 which makes them more than a solid bet since the next closest team is the San Diego Chargers at + 650.

But that’s not the only online betting opportunities regarding the New England Patriots. If NFL bettors spend their time dreaming only of a Super Bowl win by the Patriots, they may miss out on some very lucrative betting opportunities during the NFL regular season.

There are three very significant NFL betting trends concerning the New England Patriots. All three trends are significantly powerful because all three trends are qualified by real data.

Football Betting Trend Number 1 – The New England Patriots are 13 – 2 against the spread in a road game where the total is between 35.5 and 42 points over the last three seasons.

Because this is a total point trend, it is important for football bettors to pay close attention to the total in every road game the Patriots are in this year. But, there are four road games where the total should, without a doubt, be between this 35.5 and 42 point spread.

10/14/07 – New England Patriots vs. Dallas Cowboys: The Cowboys shouldn’t be a scoring machine and, even with Randy Moss, the Patriots shouldn’t be either which means the line is a traditional NFL one 35.5 – 42.

10/21/07 – New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins: Another traditional line as the Patriots go down south to face their longtime rival. Expect this one to be around 38 points or so.

11/18/2001 – New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills: Buffalo is tough at home but there shouldn’t be any reason why this line should dip below 35.5. Buffalo’s offense will be better and the Patriots offense should score as they always do when facing Indianapolis (the game right before this one). That means another game that falls within our first trend.

12/29/2007 – New England Patriots vs. New York Giants: This game will depend on whether or not the Patriots need to win. If they don’t, then the over/under point spread may not be close to the 35.5 – 42 threshold.

Football Betting Trend Number 2 – The New England Patriots are 3 – 10 against the spread as favorites of more than a field goal off of a loss.

The potential for this trend depends solely on how strong of a team the New England Patriots are. This trend is so powerful because it is so rare. However, the following games could all potentially qualify under this trend.

9/23/07 – New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills: The Patriots play San Deigo the week before.

10/7/2007 – New England Patriots vs. Cleveland Browns: The Patriots are on the road versus Cincinnati the week before.

10/21/2007 – New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins: The Patriots are on the road after visiting Dallas the week before.

12/29/2007 – New England Patriots vs. New York Giants: The Patriots play Miami, always a difficult rivalry game, at home a week before their final game of the regular season versus the Giants.

Football Betting Trend Number 3 – The New England Patriots are 21 – 2 against the spread when the total posted is less than 37 points.

There are not a whole lot of plays this regular season for this trend, but the plays are absolutely real. There should be no way that the total in the two plays below is higher than 37 points. Again, because the data on this trend is so powerful, pay very close attention to over/under point spread totals in every Patriot’s game.

12/3/2007 – New England Patriots vs. Baltimore Ravens: If things work out as they should, this could be a potential game for home field advantage in the playoffs. That means the total, with two extremely well-coached defensive teams, should be less than 35.

12/9/2002 – New England Patriots vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers may be fighting for playoff contention in this game and the Patriots will be trying to win, but the defenses for both teams are just too solid for the point total to be anything more than 35.5 or 36.

By paying attention to rock solid trends regarding the New England Patriots, NFL bettors have the potential to make a lot of money on New England Patriot games.

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